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slufstuff 01-28-2021 07:21 PM

M5A1 bayonets temporarily out, or gone for good?
I've seen the M5A1 bayonets are no longer listed on the e-store. Anybody know if this is another temporary out of stock as has happened in the past, or a gone for good situation? TIA

krdomingue 01-29-2021 12:13 AM

As soon as you say never, they prove you wrong, but I lean towards gone for good. When they got a bunch of bayonets from Turkey along with the rifles, none of them showed up in e-store, but some showed up in the CMP stores.

slufstuff 04-24-2021 12:07 PM

Bumping this back up just to observe they have been out of stock, and no longer listed in the e-store for a couple months or more now. So it looks like no more M5A1's. The only bayonets still listed are the boxed M7's at $42.00 each.

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