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Originally Posted by gjungle56 View Post
If me, I would give barrel a quick head space check at approximate index. If I figured right it'll take a roll equaling about .008 just to get to hand tight index and then yet more for the barrel to be tight. I've always wondered what is the objection to a shim? After all, the Rem 700 recoil shoulder is actually a shim. As a tool maker, I shimmed chipped carbide die parts all the time, standard op procedure, with no ill affect. I have shimmed barrels that had out of true shoulders, and then cut true, for proper index. with no ill affect. I do make the shim out of the hardened blue stock.
I have no objection to using a shim other than making one is beyond my knowledge/capability. I would need to find a commercially available shim that would fit.
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