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There is this notion of absolute control of weapons , every weapon maintained its "as issued" parts and any rebuild program did rebuild of every carbine (or Garand) in the inventory. Now turn on the lights and look at the scale of where our forces were at the end of WWII, millions of men under arms being demob'd, forces vacating foreign locations as fast as they could, supply dumps, arms in warehouses all over the globe.

Carbine collectors have a choice: If the carbine found is a mixmaster, its most likely post WWII era and be good with that. If its got AA or other rebuild marks on it , then you know what you have.

If a carbine has all same maker parts, it could be original or made that way by a collector post WWII and many of you have done that.

I'd suggest: be happy with your carbine as it is...its representative of carbine history and stop chasing this "correct" notion. The world in 1945 was get home and turn the lights out where ever you were stationed. This lent itself to chaos of records and lots of loose ends.

Closing: Some of you go bonkers over a Bavarian carbine but are the same crew who tore off FAT marked stocks on Italian returns to CMP a few years ago to make those carbines WWII "correct". Its laughable ...ignore some history (Italian service) and go ape about Bavarian service. Then to make matters more humorous...the almost universal disdain of Blue Sky Imports out of Korea...we did use carbines in Korea and those left there with ROK's came home by Blue Sky! yet decades later Blue Sky markings are a stigma you guys dislike but come a discussion of ROK carbines being procured by CMP , you go ape again wanting one.

Be happy with what you have. Stop being unhappy chasing perfection in Carbines: best advice to chew on.
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