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Originally Posted by milwaukeeshaker View Post
Not to mention some of those Italian returns also had a FAT stamp in the top of the barrel where it joins the receiver, but there is no big devaluation of the carbine for that import mark. One of the dumbest things about carbine collectors.
There was a time not so long ago that a Greek return was sneered at by CMP /DCM collector crowd. So will be the Philippine returns. On the other hands if its Dane origin its great and Bavarian...well that just is like creme in the eclair goodness. FAT markings : scorned like Blue Sky but that will change too. In the life time of the youngest collector on Carbine forum, he/she will see original CMP carbines with FAT markings be a sought after carbine.

Jokingly I predict: There will be a time when if you have a FAT Rockola , well you got one special carbine. LOL.
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