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Well, the ones I ordered were not the split self backing ones (even though that was what was pictured) Oh well, for $4 it was worth the negative feedback for not as advertised. I did get some from grommetdepot that were a tad longer but still 3/16 with 9mm OD. I called them for regular ones and they are in the mail. I thought the longer ones might come in handy if the leather was loose. They worked fine but the backs were a little long.

What I do is take a star torque head driver insert and drive it down into the back of the eyelet. That splits it along the serrations pretty well. The increasing bit width above the torque splines spreads them without rolling them over like the eyelet tool does. That allows you to hammer the back flat without the curls. Not sure how I will finally decide to do but I will post some pics as soon as I install a couple of the smaller length ones.

I read alot about vertigris (the green junk) and alot about what folks do to clean it up. Bottom line is that cleaning the visible part of the eyelet and leather does nothing for all the vertigris eating your brass that you are not seeing. I was cleaning some of mine on an early cheekpad and pushing a qtip thru the hole pushed out the eyelet as 3 of the backing pieces were completely eaten away. Total mess under the eyelet and shank. So, I think I will just polyurethane the backs and shank of the eyelets prior to setting them to see if it might preclude the vertigris or slow it down.

Harbor Freight sells a set of what looks like dental pics that are great for removing the eyelets. Just pry up the little pieces in the back and they either bend up or break off.
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