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Originally Posted by Rick the Librarian View Post
(Sorry about the question regarding the M1903A3 at the top of the thread - I get so used to "reacting" to so-called "1942 M1903A3s" I don't remember the real thing! )

That some set of rifles!

Not a problem, I believe you asked one other time in another thread.

It's early enough (as I understand it, but no expert, just what I've been told and read) that it has "left over" 03 milled butt plate.
I had read that early on when they started, they used the 4 groove barrel and some parts made it on the 03A3's from the 03's, such as the milled butt plate.

What is your knowledge on this?

What no one has been able to tell me is what the markings mean on the butt plate.
(to big to post in the thread).

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