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Originally Posted by flyrod40 View Post
Can you tell us a little about each of your 1917s. I am interested in adding a 1917 to my safe as a nice looking shooter. What should I look for?
Thanks in advance.
Same as any other rifle, look for a good bore and wood that is not sanded. If you want a correct rifle, all the parts should be stamped from the same manufacture. Don't fall for the "Remington owned Eddystone, so it's still correct if the parts were mixed" line. All parts should be blued. Eddystone parked their late models, but it was a smooth park and it looks blued, not the rough park that we see from WWII guns. This is a good site that shows what and where the part markings should be.

If you just want a shooter, many 1917's were went through arsenal rebuilds for WWII and are mixmasters. Just look for a decent barrel and stock. Most M1917's have generous headspace so check with a field gauge and a stripped bolt.
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