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Originally Posted by olBEAR View Post
Is this a viable option? I have an 1899 carbine that's missing an upper handguard. Since COVID, all the repro sites have dried up and they aren't making them at present (even the site listed above). I am willing to work a 1903 handguard into a quasi 1899 handguard..... but is it possible?

I have never modified an 03A3 or 1903 handguard to fit a Krag. However, It seems a feasible project to me.

If you have the outside dimensions of your Krag stock, such as width forward of the receiver and the width just forward of the stock band/forward swivel, you could trim an 03A3 handguard to fit.

From the look of the photos posted, you would also have to make a cut-out in the handguard to accomodate the rear sight.

This would certainly be an easier job than trying to completely machine cut one from solid wood. The 03A3 handguard is rather thin, and already has the over-all contour and shape of what you would need.
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