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One could also do as my uncle did . . . .

From Gun Parts Inc., in West Hurley, NY, he purchased the biggest, crappiest, “piece-o’-crap”, Krag handguard they had . . . .

All he wanted was the metal clip . . .and the rivets . . .

His woodworking skills came to light, as he made a new guard . . .using the clip AND EVEN THE RIVETS!! . . .to fashion a 1892-version (complete with the fillet on the rearend).

This guard now sits on my “carbine” that has a receiver sight . . . .so the handguard has NO HOLE as was there for the rear, barrel sight!

Makes for a good-looking carbine, but, of course, NOT ORIGINAL in any way!

Only the stock, buttplate, and action is truly an Armory product! (Douglas barrel, early Redfield receiver sight)
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