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Originally Posted by John Beard View Post
Permit me to differ from the others. I believe that $1100 is not an unreasonable price for the rifle if it has a serviceable bore. As noted, the rifle has been overhauled at the San Antonio Arsenal during WWII, refinished, and re-assembled from mixed parts. So the value is less than that of a nice original.

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mrhunt14 and I posted simultaneous messages. I concur that you should be able to find a decent M1917 for a bit less than $1100. But, by the time mrhunt14 paid taxes, shipping, a possible credit card fee, and a dealer to receive it, he perhaps had close to $850 tied up in his rifle. And since he could not hold his rifle in his hands and personally inspect it, he somewhat gambled and bought a pig in a poke.
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