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Default 1898 30/40 Krag Serial #247150 with pictures-hopefully in order...

Produced between July 1899 and July 1900.
Finally got some pictures, I hope they show up in the post. I think what I have is an 1898 CMP/NRA rifle, I am hoping someone can confirm, refute or add information as I only have Mallory as a guide and there are some details that are a little unclear.
It is in great condition, but has been sitting in a safe for 20 years while I was in the military. I used to hunt with it when I was a teenager and It performs beautifully, except for the front sight issues which led to some decisions that I regret.

The only still visible mark on the barrel is the P for passed stamped under the stock near the receiver. Yes the barrel was sanded. (regrettable decision #1)
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