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Default Saved a M1903A3!

Also posted the full story over in the smallbore area, but this past week I was given the chance to save an M1903A3 (and M1922) from the historical sporter scrap heap. The original purchaser was a WWII vet and he bought this through DCM/NRA in 1958. It's hadn't left Anniston in probably 70 years.

I'm happy to report the rifles came home with me and we'll work on cleaning them up, doing the maintenance, and getting them back shooting. I'll be selling the 03A3 once I get the wood and a couple metal parts to get it back to mil-spec (barrel/receiver are unmolested). The owner also has a Mauser 1910 (man, it's really a beauty) he'd like to sell, so if you are interested shoot me a PM please and let me know what you think and if you are interested.

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