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Two courses of action maybe. One, leave it as-is and use it to generate some venison. Two, apply some TLC and make it more representative of a carbine or NRA Sales rifle. If the latter, were it me, I would replace the stock with a repro carbine stock, leave the metal alone (except maybe to replace the bodgered trigger guard and the severely pitted side plate - both of which are to be had cheaply), and finally cut the barrel back even farther to 22" and install a correct Krag front sight, again pretty cheap. Luckily it sounds like the bore is ok, but if it turns out to be screwed up the easiest solution is a Criterion replacement barrel - around $200+change, plus cost of fitting which is an easy chore for someone who understands the rifles.

If you go with solution #2, definitely hang onto the current stock. There is a certain little bit of charm in such things from a folk art standpoint!
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