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Originally Posted by ESWL View Post
Not sure I can give you any sound advise regarding how to proceed, but I can tell you that your receiver serial number, 801477, is not a low number receiver. The cut-off was 800000.
Thank you for the correction! I donít know where I got that from. As I said before I got it about 3 years ago before I was into milsurp bolt rifles (this barreled receiver actually sparked my interest). I guess I ďmis-rememberedĒ and didnít give it anymore thought.

Well Iíd still like to make it a .22 but seeing as someone was obviously able to shoot higher-pressured .300WM out of it with no Iíll effects I guess going through traditional .30-06 route is the best course forward. I donít shoot my other 1903 and 1903a3 examples as it is so Iíd probably never shoot this one either unless it was more economical.

As I said before itís got more holes in it than a block of Swiss cheese.
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