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Originally Posted by Prepper_Pig View Post
Thank you for the correction! I donít know where I got that from. As I said before I got it about 3 years ago before I was into milsurp bolt rifles (this barreled receiver actually sparked my interest). I guess I ďmis-rememberedĒ and didnít give it anymore thought.

Well Iíd still like to make it a .22 but seeing as someone was obviously able to shoot higher-pressured .300WM out of it with no Iíll effects I guess going through traditional .30-06 route is the best course forward. I donít shoot my other 1903 and 1903a3 examples as it is so Iíd probably never shoot this one either unless it was more economical.

As I said before itís got more holes in it than a block of Swiss cheese.
I'm also in the process of building a .22 out of a 1903A3 receiver. If you want it to be magazine fed, there will be some milling of the receiver involved. The barrel is the biggest obstacle for me as I'm going to make mine a single shot.
I'm getting a quote to have a barrel made. My guess it will be north of $350 to have a barrel made from a blank.
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