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22 LR is a good way to go. I'm in the middle of said conversion, tho' not the A4 variant. Single shot is also THE way to go. Much more straightforward and cheaper. Barrels: different ways to go. Advertise in "Wantabuy"section for a 1922 barrel and M2 bolt, or get the sleeve job - make sure you get a good machinist to make a bushing to take the barrel rear back to the bolt. One thing that's intrigued me would be to use a 44US BR - machine it to go into the 03 receiver. You might get a bit more creative and use the 44US bolt, too. Your machinist/smith would just have to machine out the upper rear of the 03 receiver to accommodate the bolt. We could use a whole subsection dealing with 22LR conversions in here. Also the 22LR is a lot easier on older shoulders than the '06. Cheaper and the milsurp '06 ammo is drying up. Get ahead of the game. Et cet.
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