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Originally Posted by 1563621 View Post
RIA 387643 SA 3-28 L66A
RIA 387883 RIA 2-19 1919 NM, stamp OHA/1919
RIA 388xxx SA 3-37
RIA 388xxx RA 6-42 Unusual–Remington 03 barrel on RIA
RIA 388831 RIA 2 -19 C126 NM
RIA 3896xx SA 2-27
RIA 3902xx SA 7-32
RIA 393292 RIA 2-19
RIA 397xxx Unmarked, No Date Barrel with small circle S on left rear of rear sight band
RIA 401857 SA 7-09/A (email 1/07)
RIA 403xxx SA 1930
RIA 404775 SA 4-27

Barrel dates all over
I see a mix of ones that were built at RIA at the end of production, the 1919 Rock Island National match rifles (discussed by Ferris), late 20s Springfield built ones, and rebarrels.

Per Ferris, the receivers weren't sent to Springfield until March 1926.
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