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Did some hog hunting in the Lake Okeechobee area 25+ years ago. I used a M1 carbine with 110 grain Norma SP and carried a M1911A1 for back-up. Dogs would generally be used to chase the pigs and if you were lucky you could get some shots in as the pigs ran. The 110 grain usually worked if you got good placement. Best thing about the carbine was that it was easy to carry and run with thru the palmetto...and you had 15 rounds if a hog decided to come after you. Best long-distance shot was at least 200 yards but still needed to run it down and finish it off.
We always had a hunter or two who would show up with a scoped rifle [which was usually never sighted properly] and not only never killed a hog, but was never again invited to hunt with our group on a VERY large fruit and cattle ranch.
*early morning around water holes almost always drew game.
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