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Default AP core Photo request - please help a student :)

Gentelmen a have to ask you for help. I am a student of Warsaw University of Technology and I am writing a thesis for my Master of Science in Engineering degree. The topic is :"Evolution of armor piercing penetrators." I registered here because forum members here have milions of AP projectiles, and I am in need for photo documentation of 30.06 penetrator cores. It it one of the examples a write about and my promotor wants tons of photos of penetrator cores (he is a bit weird). I have all the photos that I was able to find via google from this site and others.
Could you please post any and all photos of ap cores that you have in your posesion? American, canadian, AYR, FN any photos are highly aprreciated.
The cores that you have maybe from a sectioned bullet, or recovered from the target. If you know please write from what manufacturer the bullet was.(LC,DEN,AYR....)
MUCH THANKS in advance for any help !!!
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