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Default List of MANN Barrel Manufacturers - known and unknown

List of MANN Barrel Manufacturers - known and unknown
This thread begins a list of MANN barrels that have been found with markings indicating the likely manufacturer. Some manufacturers have been identified and others have yet to be idendified. As time passes many more barrels will make their appearance in this list as more people become more aware of what they actually are and what they look like.
MANN Barrel Manufacturers ID mark and Manufacturer's name and location.
These barrels may or may not have been distributed by the CMP.
MANN Accuracy Device with Barrel Manufacturing marks found to date
Douglas Barrels Incorporated (Precision barrels for over 50 years)
Currently located in Charleston, West Virginiia
see reference to this manufacturer in the following link.
H-S Precision, INC, formerly of Prescott, AZ. (a.k.a. H&S Precision, INC)
About 1978, owner Thomas Houghton relocated the company Rapid City, South Dakota
See photos at post #1 of this thread.
HEC - unidentified - see photos in post #1 of this thread :
KART - Kart Sporting Arms, formerly of Riverhead, NY.
Owner Fred Kart relocated the company, now Kart Precision Barrel Corp, to Shallotte, North Carolina.
see link :
Remington - see company history at the link below
In 1985 Remington turned over the operation of the Lake City Arsenal in Independence, MO to Olin Corporation. Remington had operated this facility for the U.S. government for more than 45 years. Current location of Remington's barrel manufacturing not determined.
WALKER (a.k.a. WLKR)- unidentified
The two MANN barrels shown in Post #8 at the following link are WALKER Barrels.
see reference to this manufacturer in the following link.

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