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Default Dreaming of CMP M14 Sales

Hey guys,

Imagine a world where legislation (similar to the 1911 legislation a few years ago) would direct the Department of Defense to start shipping the 80,000 or so M14's in surplus inventory to the CMP.

Imagine the same world where the CMP would be authorized to reintroduce foreign (US sold/donated) M14's back into the US (similar to the Philippine Garand's they recently brought back). that we have the fantasy steps out of the way that will never happen, let's get onto the practical issues.

1. They'd have to be converted to semi-automatic fire only.
2. CMP would have to run a lottery like they did for the 1911
3. Prices would be high. Like the 1911 likely high enough we'd all have to take a deep breath before putting it on a credit card.
4. Auction Prices for higher grade rifles would make the "high price" in 3. above seem trivial.'s just a was the whole 1911 thing a few years ago.

Put me down for one.

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