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Originally Posted by AJsun View Post
All of the posts sound really logical and I would agree with the bent barrel theory. I assume we are dealing with a :M-1 Garand? A simple solution, buy a new Barrel. A standard Military Barrel is not that expensive.AJ?
That may be the end result, once I decide it is a bent barrel problem. but I hate the idea of losing the original barrel.

Originally Posted by la Fiere View Post
OP - Can you clarify that the oprod is hitting the barrel band with the BR out of the stock, and not the tab of the stock ferrule?

It's common to have interference at the ferrule, but if the oprod is contacting the barrel band without the ferrule tab present, that's not normal.

Also, you mentioned the contact is occurring at the bottom of the barrel band. By "bottom" do you mean at both the 4:00 and 8:00 positions? There is no 6:00 position (band is open at the bottom) and I'm just trying to get a mental picture of what's happening.
Not the stock ferrule. By bottom, I mean when you looking at it with the barrel assembly upside down on my desk. It rubs/binds against the bottom of the arc made by the opening for the op-rod to run through. 12 o'clock or top, if I was holding the rifle upright.