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You are describing a “bolt stop”.
This was used in early rifles so that cavalrymen on horseback could single load cartridges more easily.
It held the bolt to the rear when rifle was held muzzle down.
There were two dimples on the bolt’s upper (or left) locking lug that would interface with the tiny projection in the left receiver rail. (There are TWO dimples on the bolt lug so as to allow interface when the cutoff is in either the “on” or “off” position.)
This was omitted in most of the Remington production of WW2, though very early Remington M1903 rifles do exhibit this part.
As a matter of interest, target shooters would sometimes either remove this bolt stop entirely, or grind down this projection, in order to “slick up” the bolt manipulation for rapid fire strings.
The O3-A3’s do not have this part.
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