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It all depends on what you're shooting at! 10m AR-1 target scores are generally higher than 50' A-36 smallbore scores, but lower than 50' A-17 target scores. Since small bore is divided in to "Gallery Shooting" (indoor) and competitive shooting (50m often shot outdoors) the scores differ.

But it is generally true that the 10m 10 ring for a .177 pellet is a bigger 10 ring (1.0mm) than the 50' A-36 10 ring (1.0mm) is for a .22 caliber bullet at the relative distances. All that is required is that part of the projectile touch part of the ring to score the point (in integer scoring). If you are doing decimal scoring then things pretty much even out.

I know of no small bore events that are shot at such extreme distances as 200m, but I DO have a gun (Remington 40x with a Weaver 36x scope) that is set up specifically for that distance. Best I can seem to shoot it is about 3" groups with Tenex as ammo.

If you go over to there is a LOT more technical discussion about that style of shooting. Many many real experts there.

A .22 l.r. at 200 yards has the same time of flight (there is about 62" of arc to the bullet flight---0.94 seconds) as a .308 Win at 500 yards, and is often used as a more economical alternative for practice

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