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No hit for #1196717, Closest were:
1196747 032332 Conn NG
1196725 121620 Holter Rifle Test
1196783NM 081726 NM to SA

The hole in the receiver on the right lower part of the bridge should be paired
with another hole toward the rear. This could have been for a Lyman 48 receiver
sight. AzMedic asked about he star guage mark on the muzzle. If it is there it
is evidence of a NM rifle. The missing rear sight suggests that the rifle was used
with a receiver sight. The receiver aperture sight is superior to the barrel mounted
sight for target/competition shooting.

The closeness to a National Match rifle sn and the evidence that it at one time was
used as a competition rifle and may have been a National Match 1903. Don't get
your hopes up but it might be a NM.
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