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1196717 falls in the Mark 1 serial number range, from 1034502 to 1197834. It has always been my thought that if an 03 fell in the Mark 1 serial number range, but didn't have the hole in the receiver for the Pederson Device, chances are it is a National Match. My notes say 1919 NM serials fall from 1092974 to 1095134. 1920 NM fall in the 1.18 and following serial number range. If your rifle doesn't have the Pederson Device hole, and has NM characteristics, it would be my thought that it is an NM.

Vi Shooter lists the first 1919 and 1920 serial numbers as:
1919 Jan 1 - 1055092, and
1920 Jan 1 - 1162501,
so your number would supposedly fall in the 1920 range.

I have a sporterized 1919 NM, in the 1.13 million range...........
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