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Depends on what action you have.

For my Remington Action, I put on a fiberglass stock. I couldn't inlet the barrel because the stock I found wasn't wide enough. I ended up having to cut it off just in front of the action. Looks rather silly but it works.

This is a temp. fix for me while I figure out what sort of vice I want to build to use the device as intended.

BUT, it shoots, Any thing you rest the barrel on such as aiming sticks, bags, etc should be placed as close to the action as possible. Taking that into consideration, I believe you can use it for a F-Class rifle. You'd want a better scope then I put on this one.

I wanted to use it to develope loads for High Power w/ my White Oak Upper. It does do that.

I suppose if you wanted you could build yourself a stock that would fit the barrel. I may do that some day.

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