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Originally Posted by Radtoy View Post
Does the device come with an adequate receiver? Is it mostly a matter of finding a stock then mounting a scope on it? What would I need to set one set-up as a reliable rifle? It sounds like something to take to a 1000yd range and see what I can nail at different distances.
Like Kraig said, it depends on what MANN rifle you have. His MANN rifle is rare, chambered for the 5.5645mm NATO (.223) and so far, it's the only one. Also his has a receiver that was made for attaching a scope.
The MANN rifles the CMP still has for sale I believe are all chambered for 7.62x51mm NATO (.308). They come with a receiver, probably a mixed variety of 1903-A3 manufacturers, and a bolt. The device has been headspaced for testing NATO ammunition (ZERO head space) and the bolt, will have the receiver serial number engraved on it (at least those I have seen that came from the CMP do).
1903-A3 receivers have a dove tail for a rear sight (the rear sight is not included with the MANN) but the dove tail is not appropriate for attaching any kind of scope that I know of. The rifle also comes with a sawed off scant stock, leaving only the pistol grip portion to embrace the receiver.
Keep in mind what this was used for and how it was used.
With exception to Kraigs unique 5.56 MANN, all of those who have turned these into a bench rifle have employed the services of a gun smith. In every case I know of the gun was altered to accept commercial ammunition and modifications were made to attach a scope and stock.
So far, the only MANN rifles I have heard of that were made into a bench rest rifle were the 30-06 MANN (no longer avaiable from the CMP), the 7.62x51mm NATO MANN currently available, and Kraigs 5.56mm MANN which be bought at the CMP Auction.
My MANN project takes a different approach.
There will be no gun smiths involved and no modifications made to the MANN.
It is a drop-it-in and shoot it approach.
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