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Originally Posted by wesvb View Post
Good picture but I need a little more detail.
I have line on a couple of MANN barrels but the collars are gone. Question; with the collar removed how tall is the remaining shoulder? I'm trying to determine the barrel can be succesfully tightened to an action without the collar or will I have to make some sort of bushing to take its place?

Hi wesvb - If you have a barrel that is threaded to fit your receiver, and you have an appropriate bolt in the receiver, and you have an unfired factory NATO 7.62x51 cartridge, I believe it's rather easy to determine the dimension you are seeking. Screw the barrel into the receiver to within about .2 inches of bottoming out the shoulder on the receiver, and then open the bolt, insert the cartridge and close the bolt. Be sure the safety is on. If the bolt closes easily just screw the barrel in until the chamber encounters the shoulder of the cartridge, then measure the gap and make a washer to fill it. If the bolt won't close, back the barrel out until it does close and then screw it in again until the chamber bottoms out on the shoulder at one end of the cartridge and the face of the bolt on the other. Then measure the gap. I hope this does not sound too simplistic but I believe it's easy to measure this way.
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