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So I got an error yesterday when trying to download the latest program from your store, but it worked ok today.

It appears the Data sheet report has regressed, it's back to showing blank pages for the report.

The only issue I could find with filling in data fields was in the Notes of the Pic tab. When adding a note for a pic and leaving focus on the notes field, then clicking Home Desc Rec Disp or Data tabs the note is not saved. If you click the ID tab though, it always saves!? Here is another scenario - Fill in a Pic Note, click the Desc tab, go back to Pic tab and verify note missing, reenter note, click the same Desc tab, and now the Pic note should be saved. So the second time around clicking the same tab seems to save the Pic note. But if you click a different tab the 2nd time around it won't save again (most of the time).

A few times when deleting a pic or an item, the Delete confirmation yes/no dialog box open collapsed.

Obviously the crashing when adding a pic if fixed. You asked for a screenshot showing the missing jpg's.
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