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Originally Posted by Stingray View Post
Here is that pic. I've tried other jpg's too.

I think you posted the wrong link. Your jpg is a png
You are correct. Here is a screen capture of the jpg you provided in NM Collector CP running on my Linux machine. This is the installed version of NM Collector CP that I downloaded from the store (not my development environment).

I did notice that a jpg image I wanted to download from the internet came across as a different format and even though I changed the extension to .jpg it gave me that gray screen that you are showing ...

Here is an example:

But when I save it from the web site (using my Linux computer) it wants to save it as:


When I change the extension to .jpg and then load the renamed image into NM Collector CP, I get the gray screen like what you are showing. I see no errors generated.

I will try troubleshooting it to see why I at least can't capture an error when this happens.

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