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Default BM59 Project Done

Took 4 months but my BM59 project is done and I'm.....ok with the end result. Some photos first!

Next to a Garand for comparisons

Based on an original BM59 Winchester receiver, Numrich parts kit, and Sarco new Citadel barrel.

The good:
  • Barrel was installed
The indifferent:
  • Aesthetic differences with the deactivated full auto bits. Wanted the selector on the build as a visible touch. Might revisit myself later.
  • Added wood to the stock to keep bits together. Feel that another solution using more of the original bits would have negated this and allow the inert selector switch
The bad:
  • The cost.
  • Asked to repark, they only did a few small bits and were unsure exactly what they did. Originally they said they would do everything and match the receiver.
  • They said they could install the front barrel band, and instead stacked E-clips (see photo).

Original quote was $500, actual cost was $770. Really not happy with the cost related to actual amount of work done, and some of the work choices. No cost breakdown provided, so hard to tell where the money went.

Given a do-over, I'd send the receiver, barrel, and upper handguard to Shuff for professional install and do everything else myself.

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