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Originally Posted by snuffy1a View Post
While I appreciate the "labor of love" put into the newest version, ...
I wish it was that simple, as explained elsewhere, after my early retirement, my intent was to bring JE back up to date after years of neglect forced upon me by my previous employer. However, the technology had become so out of date I could not meet the new Apple notarization standards without significant changes to the underlying architecture. It would have required so much work that I decided to rebuild from scratch. That is why I chose to build CP rather than rewrite JE.

Because of complaints from people that the downloaded JE would no longer work on some systems, I disabled the download entirely so I would not have to repeatedly address those complaints.

I can temporarily re-enable the download to anyone who needs to recover their current JE install but I cannot guarantee the application downloaded from the internet will run on your computer. Also, it seems that JE still works if delivered on a USB (apparently Apple does not require notification for apps not downloaded from the internet).

So, if you arrange a time period (say 2 hours) with me I will be happy to temporarily enable the download for that time period. You can then download it and hope that it still works on your system. If it doesn't, you can send me a USB flash drive and I can return it to you with the latest version for the cost of return shipping.

Thanks for your loyalty. I am gad you are happy with JE and I am sincerely sorry that I cannot continue to support it.

Clay Pryor LLC
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