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Originally Posted by edlmann View Post
Someone sent me this pic a while back of a Redfield Olympic mount for a 40X modified to fit on a 513T:

There are also a couple other interesting options for Redfield sights on the 513T. First is a "high" base. Redfield made a base stamped RT-HIGH that raises the Redfield 75 rear sight about a 1/4" above the height of the standard base. The comb on the 513T is pretty tall. This base helps a bit with making the 513T more of a man sized rifle. The taller base also lets you use the 513T w/75 out to +100yds.

Redfield also made a 513T base that allows you to mount an Olympic rear. Don't have the number offhand, but I have one.

Both of these are hard to find, but come up every so often on FleaBay.
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