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I had no problem ordering two cans Friday evening after getting around the faulty link issue. I am in it for "collector" status and am hoping for U.S. GI. In any case it is intended to be collector stuff. I realized what a ridiculously good deal this corrosive ammo is as shooter grade. Sunday before church I ordered a couple of the cans of linked ammo to help fill the ammo need for three seperate commitments I have made to people/groups this Summer to shoot a Garand. I can horde my HXP and "good" Korean for later use.
To be honest I am tempted to order two or four more cans of the linked 06 while still around but in the back of my mind I am still a bit worried that this ammo might have some issues on the cases with the "glue" used to hold it in place and possible "corrosion" on the cases. I am set up to clean corrosive ammo and I have a unremarkable Greek Garand with a decent bore. It is tempting to go push the button.

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