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Default **Has Your Ad Disappeared? Please Read This**

EVERYONE needs to have their FIRST and LAST name as well as your STATE of residence in your profile if you wish to start a thread in the classifieds.

If ads not in compliance with the rules will be removed until your profile is corrected.

How do I ad my name and state to my profile?
1. Top left part of the screen, click "User CP"
2. Click "Edit Your Details"
3. Fill in the info

No links to commercial ventures you have any interest in or advertising unless you contact the forum administrator.

If your ad gets deleted, we will be more than happy to reopen it once your profile is corrected, just contact a mod.

ADDED 4-24-2020

Ads will also be deleted if:
1. They do not contain a price, or
2. Are listed without a price and with comments such as "Make Offer," "Will take highest offer." Basically, no auction style listings.

Ads will be moved if they are placed in the wrong location. Example: "WTB trigger guard" placed in the WTS section will be moved to "Parts Wanted"

The only exception is you may place a WTB ad in the WTS section if you are looking for a complete rifle or stripped/barreled receiver. Anything other than that, the ad will be moved to WTB.

We simply do not have time to contact each member if we delete or move an ad. It is your responsibility to ensure your ad is correct and your profile has required info prior to placing it.

Complete Marketplace rules can be found here:

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