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Thanks for posting that info on Col Brophy's book. A Google search of images brought up those pictures but as you say, the quality of the pictures is too dark to see much detail. Maybe the actual book would be better. Two of the pictures I found and posted several years ago are in that book but (I think) I found them in the Springfield Museum on line. If I can't find Brophy's book among my friends I may buy a copy. Hatcher's Book is already on the internet as a huge PDF. There is not very much in it on the MANN.
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Update 2/29/2014, 1:33pm MST
I have borrowed a copy of Lt. Col. Brophy's book, 4th printing. Most of the photos on the section cited by NMC_EXP are devoted to pressure testing and cradled 1903's clamped to a sled. Some pictures do show MANN barrels in a fixture but most of the MANN barrels pictured are not associated with a holding fixture.
Logdog - If you can provide a photo of your sled I can tell you if it is shown in the book. There are many versions of the Mann rifles in the book that I have never seen before.
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