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Originally Posted by retafchief View Post
Help me here. Isn't auction # 6412, IHC Postage Stamp Receiver 4441927, misleading? They state that it is one of 800-900 receivers in that serial number range. But it is an IHC produced receiver, no Heat Lot number above the drawing number on the leg. Isn't the rarity in this serial number range the 800-900 receivers made by Springfield (with heat lot number)? And aren't these Springfield-made receivers scattered throughout the entire 4,441,000-4,445,600 range with the rest being (not so rare at all) IHC made the one up for auction?

You are 100% correct, it's a generic IHC receiver mixed among the SA/IHC "Postage Stamps". The unusual heat lot, A-1-1 and a few others that are similar, are seen in the IHC serial numbers in this range and it's unknown the reason for them.

Otherwise the receiver has an early IHC drawing number and shows all the other generic IHC/IHC made receiver traits.

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