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Default Thankful to be here

I am the new guy from TN/NC. I am retired and my wife is semi retired. We spend half our time in Middle Tennessee and half in Western North Carolina. I spent 4 years in 82nd Airborne Division and worked most of my career in Maintenance and Engineering at large Automotive and Aerospace facilities. I have participated in ROTC Rifle Team, Army Sniper School and Armorer School at Ft Bragg and was the HQ Company Armorer my final year of service.

I have more firearms than I have time to shoot. I have a Springfield 03A3 and M1 Carbine in my accumulation. Iím looking for a M1 Garand and possibly a 45 ACP which brings me here. I have a good bit to learn and am thankful to have found a knowledgeable group to improve my knowledge.
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