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Default Thoughts on this M1 Carbine?

Was at a local gun store today to pick up/transfer an item ordered online and they had an M1 Carbine for sale that just came into their shop. I have been looking to acquire an M1 Carbine but don't know much about them. Wanted to ask the community what thoughts you all might have about the condition of the rifle and the price.

Pics are here:

Here is what I can tell from looking at and taking pictures of the rifle:
-Receiver marked: "INLAND DIV"
-Serial #: 681104
-Rear Sight: Adjustable stamped version marked "I.R. CO."
-Front Sight Marked: "S.A."
-Safety: Lever type
-Barrel Band has bayonet lug
-Low wood stock
-Left side of buttstock near oiler cutout has "RIA EB" cartouche
-Circle P cartouche on the front of the grip
-Circle P cartouche and "A" on the underside/heel of the grip
-Top of barrel behind front sight is marked "S A 12 50" with an inverted "P" above it.
-No import marks on the barrel or receiver

-Stock has been refinished with glossy coat
-Brass pin repair on the handguard near the barrel band
-Brass pin repair at the wrist behind the trigger guard

Shop is asking $1300 which includes the rifle, a soft case, two magazines, and a sling. Any thoughts on this rifle? Is this a good price for this rifle in this condition?

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