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Here's how to remove it. From Lamar at RimFireCentral:

To remove a recoil spring is not difficult, but does require care as you will be in close proximity of the crosshairs when the occular end of the scope is removed.
Procedure is as follows: You will unscrew and remove the occular lens and the lock nut.
The crosshairs are now exposed and you do not want to touch them as they are approximately .0005 in diameter and VERY fragile.
Normally there is another lockring with a set screw that allows adjustment of centering of the crosshairs.... remove small screw from lockring and then unscrew and remove lockring.
The rear micrometer adjustment mount can now be slid off of the scope and once removed you can now slide the recoil spring assembly off the scope. You can now reinstall rear adjustment mount then lockring with setscrew followed by the occular lockring and then rear occular lens and you're done.
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