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Originally Posted by FPrice View Post
I am curious about the black Garand cases. Are these standard with new Garand purchases?

In the past few months I have bought both a green, egg-shell foam case and a week ago the black case from local owners.

Do people find these to be a good storage (short-term) and transport cases, if a little bigger and heavier than nylon/fabric cases?
Ok, Looking at CMP Garand unboxing videos on Youtube, there is a pattern to when these cases appear. The cases used by the CMP have varied over time.

Green Case - Aug 2011 to Feb 2018
Unmarked Black case - Mar 2018
It says Flambeau on outside and is identical to tan case.
Tan Case - Jul 2018- Dec 2019
Black Case - Jan 21 to current.

The CMP may have used other undocumented cases over time, but these are pretty common.

There are 2 types of the black case. One has a hard plastic liner specifically designed for Garands. The other case is foam lined and is used with the bolt action rifles. Externally, both cases look the same.

Both of the new cases come with a blue plastic inset made by Zerust which is a rust inhibitor.
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