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Default What color to replicate original 1903a3 finish?

I have three 1903a3 drill rifle receivers that I really want to get finished this summer. Two are Remington and the third is a Smith Corona. I have decided after a lot of reading that I am going to go with Duracoat and one of their newer parkerizing colors.

My guess is that the Grey Green color is my best choice but I welcome opinions before I buy.


I am studying the air brush options as I plan to buy and use liquid because it’s cheaper in the long run vs the aerosol cans that need to be used w/n 24 or so hours of being activated. It’s a bit expensive though to buy several types and test so trying to get as close as possible on fist purchase.

Edit: I couldn’t decide even after staring at it for way too long so I ordered both the grey green and WW2 green as I think my 1903a3 is somewhere between the two. I may need to do a little mixing and I will finally get these receivers coated and built

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