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Battlefield Vegas has upper and lower receivers with over 200k
rounds through them. They keep rebarreling uppers and replacing the bolt heads as needed. At the time of initial posting, they hadn’t worn out an upper or lower yet.

“- Some of our M4's have well over 200,000 rounds down range. Barrels have been replaced, gas tubes have been replaced, BCG's have been replaced but what sets it apart from the AK47's is that upper and lower receivers continue to function. AK's get to about the 100,000+ round count and rails on the receiver will start to crack. It's an easy fix with tig welding but they crack. We have yet to lose an upper or lower receiver from cracking.”

Later on, they report a number upper threads cracking off, in this particular case a Charles Daly upper.

“ We have uppers with more rounds than that now that haven't broken BUT we also have uppers with 30,000+ rounds that broke. I don't think either the high-round count or the low-round count breaking is anything to judge the uppers on. For the most part, 95% of our uppers continue to function flawlessly and ALL brands of upper receivers have suffered from the same fracture.”

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