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Originally Posted by Jorjenboy View Post
Great attitude and assessment... Took about 3 months for me... Although I did call them at some point due to Credit Card Fraud to update the info and was told my IHC SG was on backorder... I ended up getting an offer for an IHC FG, accepted, and received within a few days... Those weren't even being offered! You are spot on in how to handle the down time!
Thank you! I've also been using the down time to scour the Internet (and local gun shops) for Garand-safe ammo. I haven't had much success but I'm still looking. I'll probably end up ordering some en blocs soon. And maybe some grease to lube it up when the rifle arrives.

I've got a SG coming my way. According to CMP it'll be either a Springfield or H&R. I'm not a collector, I'm a shooter so it's all the same to me. I did put in a sticky asking for the best possible barrel readings though I'm not certain that does any good.
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