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Originally Posted by Mad Anthony View Post
Thank you! I've also been using the down time to scour the Internet (and local gun shops) for Garand-safe ammo. I haven't had much success but I'm still looking. I'll probably end up ordering some en blocs soon. And maybe some grease to lube it up when the rifle arrives.

I've got a SG coming my way. According to CMP it'll be either a Springfield or H&R. I'm not a collector, I'm a shooter so it's all the same to me. I did put in a sticky asking for the best possible barrel readings though I'm not certain that does any good.
Sometimes you can catch ammo on the Estore... I bought 100 rounds brass .308 for $125 and 100 rds brass 30-06 for $150... Not the best of prices compared to the pre-crazy days but not bad either considering the alternative is zero rounds for zero dollars! =)=)
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