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Originally Posted by Logdog View Post
There exists a number of mounting arrangements. Various pictures show the mounts. I'll try to post a good picture of the mount I have. The measurements of the distance between the collars will give a good idea of if the mount was used for the Mann devices
Pictures would be great. I have never seen anything but pictures a "V" sled and donuts on the barrel.
I have two MANN rifles and the dimensions of the barrels can be found here:

Scroll down to post #8, about the 3rd photo in the collage gives the dimensions. My view of the changes in barrel diameters is to interrupt resonance. I believe these were retained in a machine solely by the collar at the receiver end.

This thread also shows the only two photos I have seen of a "machine" used to do MANN testing. Both clearly show two donuts on the barrel.
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