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Just sent you a PM that contains contact information for a shop in Asheville, NC that may be able to replace a carbine barrel. I think they did one for a friend of mine.

I see this dealer at some of the shows that I am at. I thought I had his card, but spent some time looking for it without luck. I finally remembered the guy's name and did a search on the net and found his shop's contact information.

This forum is different than a bank or water department. The subscribers aren't paying for any service, we all just have an interest in this hobby and share knowledge when we can.

Please excuse the question of asking how a carbine barrel "snaps off". A carbine barrel is pretty stout and I just wondered how that happened.

I am in my late 60's, it took me a while to remember this dealer's name.

Originally Posted by ACampComLegacy View Post
Yep - spot on .

Silly me I shoulda' known such a Q warrants 20 Q's in return , and no answer .

Like callin' the bank , the utility company . You got 1 question ; gotta' answer 20 in turn (for security , etc. ) . And "this post may be recorded for quality assurance and training purposes"

But at least "due to LIGHT post volume , wait time wasn't extended"
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