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Geesh,I sure hope RickB is not leaving.When we start to lose people like Rickb in our Forums it weakens the back bone of knowledge we have here,People with exp like his do not grow on trees around here,Some of you need to learn the fine art of having a difference of opinion on here but not taking it to a level that makes the rest of us miserable to the point they leave ,We need to learn to agree to disagree but still remain friends,or this forum will become a miserable sniping hateful place to be,No one wins when this kind of crap goes on and we all lose when we lose some one of RickB,s caliber,I hope the party responsible has enough class and integrity to resolve this issue so RickB will Reconsider and stay,You know who u are.And RickB I sure hope you Reconsider and dont allow some hateful individual to run u outa here,I know How your back thing will go as i went thru it blew out 3 disc,s and they split me open front and back to do a 360 fusion,cadaver bone grafts etc to put me back together a year in bed at home with RN,s and CNA,s and a titanium skyscraper built around my spine etc,if you have any questions,concerns or need advice about what your going to go thru,Ill be more than happy to help you with your back situation,Its a miserable thing to go thru.Message me if you need advice,have questions etc,,Jim Why cant we all just get along! Geesh
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