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I think that in Duff's book, regarding assembly, he says that the parts bins were replenished without regard to revisions.......First In/ Last Out. Older parts at bottom had newer parts just piled on top of them. So, it seems possible for rifles to have earlier or later parts on them. For people trying to make their rifles "correct" (Whatever that really means), their efforts are just one "possibility" of assembly and not the end all.

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Rolling Thunder

Is there any way these files could be posted as an EXCELL file?


Very interesting info, It shows that there are no "absolute" date or serial number ranges or even manufacturer when they were throwing these M1s together. I suspect the same thing was going on at the height of WW2 manufacturing. I believe there is way more leeway on what could be "correct" for any given serial # rifle. Like inspectors pulling lots of parts out of production for checks then putting them back on line at a later date. Boxes of parts being shuffled around. Receivers pulled off the line for whatever reason then put back in line "out of order"

I have a June '42 SA with a bolt 2 months too "early" and a barrel 1 or 2 months too "late". Finish and wear match, who can guarantee if they are or are not original?
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